Published by Allen & Unwin

A Doctor’s Dream is a story about working together to overcome a neglected infectious disease in the Top End. It is about the potential and the challenges of working together to try and give hope to young children and families in remote Australia.

Passport 2BUDDHI LOKUGE is a public health doctor. He has worked in Africa, Afghanistan and the US for Medecins Sans Frontiers, and in northern Australia with EveryVoiceCounts.
P1020287TANYA BURKE is co- founder of EveryVoiceCounts and developer of the Wise Child program.


 About A Doctor’s Dream

‘I could not put this book down. It is full of profound insights encapsulated in a great story.” - Professor Peter Drahos, Australian National University

‘An absorbing and honest read. Surely if there is a map guiding Australia towards improved Aboriginal health, this book is the light that illuminates the journey.’ – Doctor Andrew Laming MP, eye surgeon and Coalition spokesperson for Indigenous Health and Regional Health Services

‘Powerful and gripping to the end. An incredible insight and miraculous journey that exposes the truth of a physically and socially crippling disease and gives voice to Yolgnu people. ’  – Georgina Byron, CEO, The Snow Foundation

‘One of the best books about health professionals working with and for local communities. This book shows what can be achieved by dedicated professionals who are prepared to make sacrifices, be patient, look, listen and learn.’  – Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Indigenous Health (2009-2013)

“A Doctor’s Dream is a compelling story of how to address inequity in health care. A must read for anyone wanting to make a real difference.” - Doctor Unni Karunakara, International President (2010-2013),  Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders