About EveryVoiceCounts

At EveryVoiceCounts we dream of a world where each and every one of us can thrive.

And we know that world is just one voice away.


Our Mission: EveryVoiceCounts is a social enterprise committed to building thriving, compassionate communities through wise program design, people empowerment and promoting ideas for a better world in health and education.

Our Strategy: 

1. Wise design: EVC workEVC_diagrams with organisations and individuals with great ideas. We immerse ourselves in real-world challenges to identify practical and sustainable solutions and then work with partners to coordinate implementation. We spend 2-5 years on average managing select, time-limited social-good projects from start-up to handover. For an examples of our work see EVC Learning-Partnerships.

2. Empowering people: We work to empower people through a learning focused partnership model. We help those committed to building better communities to work more effectively and reach a wider audience. We run innovative workshops featuring gifted teachers. For an example see Natural Singer, Grow your green thumb.

3. Promoting transformative ideas: Ideas change the world by changing the way we work, think and live. The third pillar of the successful EVC model of creating lasting social good at scale, involves actively promoting policy and systems change. We have led international public interest advocacy campaigns, published books, blogs, think-tank reports and actively engaged in social policy debates.



Our Team

Passport 2Executive Director: Buddhi Lokuge. Buddhi is co-founder of EveryVoiceCounts and a public health doctor who has worked in Afghanistan, Africa and the US for Medecins Sans Frontiers, and in remote northern Australia. He has coordinated the implementation of large scale public health projects, worked as a management consultant, and led international advocacy campaigns to raise attention to the crisis of malnutrition and make life-saving medicines affordable to low income populations.


Programs and Content Manager: Tanya Burke. Tanya is co- founder of EveryVoiceCounts and developer of the Wise Child program. She is an author and educator who has worked as an Australian Diplomat, an instructor with Outward Bound and in a variety of roles in the theater, media and education sectors. 




Our Values

Every Voice Counts. It really does.  This requires mutual respect and that we stop and listen, work at understanding problems from every perspective and look for ways to empower each voice, rather than speaking over it.

Cause and Effect. This requires that we work at closing the Action-Consequence Gap in everything we do, which means no policy making in the clouds!

Priority Shifting. This requires that we put in place priorities that support and direct the world we wish to inhabit.  We need the right Key Performance Indicators at an individual and global level.

Courage of conviction, requiring us to be creative and radical, bold and innovative in our passion for changing the world one voice at a time, without fear of failure.

Honesty, requiring that we are open about our interests and our approach.

Humility, because there are no right answers.  We are all just doing our best.

Self-Awareness and responsibility, requiring us to monitor and take responsibility for our own motivations and understandings in order to make the best reality-based decisions possible. 

 Current volunteer positions

We are always looking for passionate individuals with big ideas and down-to-earth commitment to partner with. We also want to hear exceptional individuals looking to work for a lean social enterprise with new media marketing and communications skills.

Please contact us here with a cover note explaining why you have the right skills and experience for these volunteer roles.

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We are funded exclusively by our members, supporters and customers. We have stated our values, aims and objectives so there are no hidden agendas. We operate with a small staff and a network of volunteers.