Publishing and The Chikukwa Project

One of life’s most difficult tasks is finding a publisher for your book, everyone knows that. Yet after two phone calls we had two publishers offering us contracts. So what’s the secret to publishing a book… Our publisher said ‘This book is the next step in the narrative. It isn’t another book about the problems, but about real solutions’. She saw and expressed the point of our story more clearly than we could. Sometimes it takes an outsider to find that clarity. And sometimes it takes an outsider to help a community get where it wants to go. So much […] Read more »

Where to from here?

Gazing to the future Pat138241 Freedigitalphotosnet

Last night my seven year old daughter came to me long after I thought she had gone to sleep. “I am really scared that the Earth is going to tip.” “What do you mean? It’s round and spinning so it can’t really tip…” “Yes I know, but I’m worried about it tipping. About the Tipping Point.” “The Tipping Point? Do you know what that is?” “No…” “Then what about it makes you feel afraid?” “I don’t know…” “How did you hear about the Tipping Point?” “People are talking about it everywhere! That the earth is about to tip!” “You know […] Read more »

The Bystander

Prejudice can feel like a warm jumper in winter. So comfortable, so relaxing. It can make us feel at home because when we are wrapped up in prejudice we have relieved ourselves of the burden of doubt. Prejudice is a human invention that requires imagination. Read more »