EVC’s learning-partnerships

The most powerful form of assistance is to be a genuine partner. To be honest about our own agendas and motivations then put the interests of beneficiaries to the fore. EveryVoiceCounts’ Lean Startup inspired approach to the design of public health and development programs, places validated learning at the center of building relationships and developing solutions with communities.

Lean program design

Turning policies and great ideas into successful, scalable programs.

Lean program methodologies solve a fundamental challenge that many startup programs face: how to measure and validate progress when uncertainty is high, and ongoing learning and adaptation essential for success. In these settings, traditional project management approaches usually fail, leading to wasted effort and resources, sometimes even causing harm. Lean programs allow flexible implementation – the cornerstone of genuine partnership with communities in program development.

Crusted scabies in remote Australia, a new way forward: lessons and outcomes from the East Arnhem Scabies Control ProgramMJA Article Doctor Buddhi Lokuge

By Buddhi Lokuge et. al, MJA 200 (11) • 16 June 2014


For clinicians managing crusted scabies: Treatment guidelines and manual

A new model of care to support families to overcome a debilitating disease. A model adopted by remote clinic guidelines (CARPA 6th edition)



Principles for successsful public health and development programs

For funders, policy developers, program managers and program staff.

How to guide


Simple steps to partnerships in development work.

For program staff embarking on work in remote communities