The Sustainable Living Guide


We have started the Every Voice Living Guide on Sustainable Living, including how to find a property and community that will sustain you, what order to begin setting up your sustainable life, a time line of sustainable living and how to navigate all the information out there!  Sign up if you would like to know when it is finished.  (link)

In the mean time try to make it along to one of our sustainable garden coaching sessions.

“Lachie is better than Google!”

Maria, workshop participant

Get your own personal Garden Coach working with you to move your self-sufficiency up to the next level.

Expert in designing and creating food-producing gardens, inspirational Garden Coach Lachlan Storrie has a dream: a world where fresh organic food abounds in our backyards, parks and playgrounds.  True food security.

On Saturday mornings you are invited to be part of a small group learning practical skills that will transform the way you approach your backyard, balcony or pot plant. (ticket link)

If Australia’s fabulous Central Coast is too far away for you we invite you to trial our video coaching with Lachlan.  (sign up button)

Lachlan Storrie, owner of Tree Frog Permaculture, has been designing, creating and teaching about productive food gardens of all sizes for many years.  Now he is leading intimate coaching sessions at the new Mandalong Demonstration Garden so you can learn how to get more from your own garden.

Just an hour North of Sydney, half an hour South of Newcastle and en route to the Hunter Valley wineries the Mandalong Demonstration Garden makes a perfect Saturday morning stop-off.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see a productive food garden in its early stages of design and construction and quiz the designer himself! (ticket link)

Groups will be small and each Saturday morning will cover different topics, depending on the needs and interests of the participants:

  • No dig gardens
  • Raising plants from seeds and cuttings
  • No-weed gardens
  • Self-watering gardens
  • Using poultry and animals to provide food and save you work
  • Creating diversity and resilience
  • Creating a place of beauty and peace in your environment
  • Developing a healthy, fresh food supply
  • Using perennials to reduce your annual workload and increase sustainability
  • Planting natives for food and to save you work
  • Creating habitat for insects and frogs, your personal pest managers
  • Designing your garden to suit your conditions
  • Composting, worm farming and mulch
  • And much, much more.

Bring your curiosity and questions and leave inspired.

Everyone is warmly welcome and as with any EveryVoiceCounts event you can be sure that our teacher will be inspirational, dedicated, highly experienced and expert at what our Yolngu colleagues call both-ways learning.  All EveryVoiceCounts teachers respect the wisdom of their participants and encourage community sharing and support.

Grow Your Green Thumbs workshops are designed for people ready to make progress in their garden so book ahead here as places are strictly limited.

And remember to sign up (link) to find out when we release the Living Guide to Sustainable Living.