The End Of Life Guide


Find your voice… find your health.

End of Life – reclaiming the last chapter is a guide to help you through a time when the last thing you want to worry about is paperwork.

The End of Life Guide is a simple, no-nonsense guide with all the information you will need at the end of your life, or to help a loved one at the end of their life.  Take Control When Dying steps you through the legal, financial, medical, spiritual, relational and funeral processes that take place at the end of life so that you are fully prepared and able to let go of the details and focus on the important last moments with family and friends.

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Dr Lokuge and Tanya Burke, founders of EveryVoiceCounts, worked in nursing homes and hospitals where they cared for a great many patients, old and young, who were completing their life journeys.  They saw that the end of life can be a terrifying and bewildering experience that leaves no room for the peaceful acceptance that is the gift we all deserve in our final days.

They witnessed many of their patients arriving at the end of their lives begging to be heard, refusing food in a bid to take back some control over their own life and death, and simply shutting down, unable to bear the greatest indignity of life; losing all control and respect at their most vulnerable moment.

Even a newborn baby has more agency than many people dying in our society today.  At least a baby can cry out and demand that someone attend to her needs.  Someone at the end of life may have lost even that capacity and so they are at the mercy of the medical system.  A system that routinely tortures elderly and chronically ill patients because carers are trapped by guidelines, litigation and competing demands.

You need to make your voice heard now, before it is too late.

For $27 (buy link) we hold your hand and lead you gently through each of the steps you need to think about before the end of your life.  You can start now and tick off some of the financial and legal issues, have your funeral pre-prepared and draw up a living will. We hope to encourage you to start thinking about the emotional and spiritual side of death early too, because the more you understand the process the better you will cope when it is your turn, or when the time comes to say goodbye to someone you love.

People buy guides when they have a baby, when they create an organic garden, to learn how to play an instrument and for fixing a car but we leave our final days to chance, perhaps secretly hoping they will never come.  The End of Life Guide demystifies this final process and takes an unflinching look at all the options*.  Dying can be a natural and peaceful time.  In many cultures dying and death are sacred times both for the person dying and for those close to them.  Dying can bring clarity and a sense of connection and purpose.  The opportunity to live with gracious awareness through the end of our lives is precious and we show you how.

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The End of Life Guide will help you:

  • Put your finances in order
  • Write a living will, which works in a similar way to a birth plan (but for death)
  • Understand your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Navigate the medical system
  • Have your voice heard so that you remain in control at this precious and vulnerable time
  • Find spiritual and emotional support that suits you
  • Understand the physical and emotional processes of dying
  • Create a plan for your final farewell, be that a funeral, home ceremony or memorial
  • Talk to your loved ones and gain insight into changing relationships
  • Surround yourself with support and contacts that will help ease the transition

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As a child in Sri Lanka Dr Lokuge saw a very different way of dealing with death and dying.  Assisting through the weeks before and after the death of a close friend in East Timor opened Tanya’s eyes to the reality that death did not have to be the desperate fight that it often is here.

And so Dr Lokuge and Tanya teamed up with a passion to create a guide that would help millions of people approach the end of life with the joy that ambushes us when we have taken care of business and can practice dwelling in the present moment.

We don’t just help you take care of business, we show you that the surest way to enjoy your final days is to enjoy your life.  The Tibetan monks have long known that you can only truly enjoy life once you have come to terms with death.  So what have you got to lose?

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*The End of Life Guide does not touch on the issue of euthanasia because a relatively small percentage of the population require an assisted death and we believe the issue would not arise if we as a society dealt better with death and dying.