The Wise Child, Happy Child Guide


At EveryVoiceCounts we believe that education is what makes the human world go around.  We are born to learn and we never stop learning throughout our lives.

Parenting is the most important form of educating we do second only to our self-education.  And we can help you with both!

A growing body of research shows that children with strong social and emotional skills are less likely to experience problems with low self-esteem, drugs, violence, poor school performance or bullying.  Children who are emotionally literate are happier, get along better with others, have a more positive attitude and do better in school.

The Wise Child, Happy Child workbook guides you and your child through a simple, tried and tested curriculum of self-awareness and emotional literacy.  The workbook explains the basics of understanding the self and provides fun exercises for experiential learning.

The Wise Child, Happy Child workbook will fill in the blanks left by mainstream education and help your child thrive socially, emotionally and personally.  Before teaching our children numeracy or language literacy we should be focusing on self-literacy, because this is the foundation of everything else in life.  As masters of ourselves we have the key to achieving anything.

The Wise Child, Happy Child workbook has been designed for all ages and a child over the age of nine can work through it alone but the best way to teach self-literacy is to practice it yourself alongside the student.

The Wise Child, Happy Child workbook will help the student to:

  • Understand the role of emotions, thoughts and sensations  
  • Recognise different coping mechanisms
  • See alternatives to negative behaviours
  • Practice fun meditation exercises
  • Learn the importance of taking responsibility
  • Explore the nature of reality and our place within it
  • Think critically and independently
  • Consider the impact of their actions on themselves and others
  • And much more!



The earlier we introduce the concepts in the Self-literacy workbook to a child the more fluent they become, and isn’t our greatest wish as parents and teachers that our children grow up to be happy and healthy?  Get your child started on the right path now.